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Fall in love with food again.

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Nkechi Ajaeroh: Cook, Author + Wellness Advocate


The responsibility to improve your health and regain control of your life so that you can feel better, look better, and have the energy to fulfill God’s purpose for your life, is on your shoulders.

Getting your health on track (especially in this new year) is the best decision because health is wealth, and you can barely accomplish your big goals if you are sickly 300 days out of the 365 days of the year.

And let’s face it: NO ONE IS COMING!

So, stop waiting!

Nothing is more important than your health!

Nothing else will matter if your health is on the struggle bus day in day out.


  • Heart disease is the #1 killer of women.
  • 41% of women aged 20 and over are obese with highest rates among Hispanic women (47%) and Black women (46.8%). 
  • 33.6% of women aged 20 and over have high blood pressure, etc.

Sis, your life depends on your health.

You can no longer do the “healthy thing” how you have always done it in the past and without any result…

No breaking of unhealthy habits. No transformation and your health depleted even more.

I’m going to tell you a secret…

Getting Thinner DOES NOT Equal Getting Healthier…

2018 remains a year that challenged and changed my life.

I started to eat “healthier” just to get thinner so I can lose some left of the baby weight…

The problem: I wasn’t intentional on healthy eating; I focused on superficial beauty.


Then it hit me during an annual check-up that left me dumbfounded that I need to do more than “eat healthy” for the sake of looking good.

It was a moment of realization for the significant changes I had to implement concerning some real-life medical diagnosis.

I instantly knew that something has to change, starting with my nutrition.

These nutritional recipes took care of me from inside out. I became well, and the weight fell off as well.  

Darl, no need to pay for a gym membership that you aren’t going to use

No more starving your God-given self to lose weight because foods are now evil.

We go deeper than a gym membership and bland food in The Stellar Health Program.


The goal is for you to become your healthiest self.


All recipes tend towards making your food your medicine. That was how God made it, and that is His wish for us.

HOWEVER… Your health doesn’t get better with wishes; it gets better with actions.

You can wish good health all you want but, to actually experience it, you have to do the things that are necessary and you have to do them PROPERLY and CONSISTENTLY.

This program is not a quick fix; it is the real deal.

The wellbeing and nutritional strategies you will access in The Stellar Health Project will make you both healthier and happier.

The recipes can help you lose weight (of course), can lower high blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and help you manage cholesterol and many other related conditions.

One of the most significant changes I have seen in most of my clients is their ability to take their lives back!

Now, my friend, that is remarkably unforgettable!

How Dr. Lindie Took Her Life Back


$900 (actual price)

$630 (30% off)

$450 (50% off)

$270 (70% off)

Just $97! (almost 90% off!)

This Program Is

Tested, Proven and Transformative…

This tested and proven transformative program puts a stop to those health issues that intend to play pause on your God-given purpose so that you can make exploits and win mightily according to the Word of God.

The art and science of living your best life start with staying in good health.

When you are well, you, then, think about wealth.

And when you are well, you become ready to walk the extra mile to make your dream a reality.

So why won’t you do all you can to stay in excellent health?

May seem daunting, but not really.

Reclaiming your health doesn’t have to be cumbersome at all. I mean, you are not trying to get an elephant to pass through the eye of a needle. (Unless you are 😂)

It is actually possible if you understand these three simple things – wellbeing, nutrition, and method, aka the strategies.

These three things (actually, six) are why the Stellar Health Project is a better choice for you: 


WELLBEING: your wellbeing is MUCH more than your physical appearance. It includes your social, mental, emotional, psychological, and physical wellness. “All skinny is not good skinny”; the more you understand this, the more you will strive for something more. 


NUTRITION: whether you desire to lose a couple of pounds or start a healthier lifestyle, your nutrition is more than just drinking some tea or starving on some days. These may work for a day or two or a week but obviously not a long-term goal. Balanced nutrition is always the best. I believe in eating real food. I believe in making my food my medicine, and that should be your goals, too, whether or not you are joining this program. 


The METHOD: strategy is one of the things that make The Stellar Health Project so Unique. How you eat, when you eat, and what you eat makes a whole lot of difference. And inside TSHP, we go in-depth to personalize the strategies to work for you because you are unique. 


HEALING FOOD: all TSHP recipes are to bring healing to the body, and soul. So, that when you embark on this journey, you will only eat the foods that nourish your systems. There is absolutely no need to eat anything that will harm your body just because you want to drop some pounds. Food is not the enemy. 


DON’T JUST LOSE WEIGHT, BE WELL: The Stellar Health Project mantra is “become your healthiest self.” And this is my Ultimate day to day goal to help you become that healthiest person you envision for yourself. In the process of all of these, I want you to feel happy. Be more confident, feel better, look better, and be unstoppable. This means you will be ready to accomplish God’s plan for your life. It gives me so much joy to see my clients, such as Dr. Lindie (above) flourish and become the champion of her wellbeing.


YOU ARE IN BEST HANDS: Enrolling in TSHP means that you are in the best hands, this is because I bring the best of the two worlds – nutrition and health. I have a Master’s degree in Public Health, and I am an extraordinary healthy recipe developer and Cook. My strategies are trusted, proven, and revolutionary. The unprecedented transformation you will experience will blow your mind. 

If and when a recipe batch didn’t quite work well for you, I will have a chat with you to customize another according to your needs.

Nayah’s incredible transformation

$900 (actual price)

$630 (30% off)

$450 (50% off)

$270 (70% off)

Just $97! (almost 90% off!)

The Stellar Health Project

Who Can Benefit

  • If you are currently overweight or obese
  • If you are tired of dieting
  • If you are having numerous weight-related health challenges
  • If you have lost weight and gained it back
  • If you have done the same thing over and over the year in terms of losing weight. And it hasn’t WORKED or worked a little bit.
  • If you are tired of being a prisoner to weight and its demons, and you are ready to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE!
  • Queens who desire a healthy life as promised by God.
  • Your doctor told you to lose weight or keep it in check.
  • If you know healthy eating will improve your life.
  • Literally, anyone queen that envisions the best health for herself.

Cook Healthy With Kechi Presents:

The Stellar Health Project

6 Weekly Trainings

Shopping Lists

Weekly Recipes


and much more!


Cooking Demonstration Videos: Priceless


Exclusive Facebook Group for community and extra support (worth over $350.00)

Weekly Wellness Checks on zoom (1-hour live group calls); worth over $600.00

Personalized recipes (an option of customized recipes if the need be; value over $650.00)

Pdf Worksheets, and more!

Wait, all this for just $97?

I intentionally priced this program low (at this time) because of my desire to contribute to “wellbeing for all.” 

My goal this year and in this decade is to help queens out here regain control, and be in excellent health. I wish I had this kind of resource in 2018 when I experienced health challenges. 

Grab this opportunity before it goes away!

What People Are Saying

$900 (actual price)

$630 (30% off)

$450 (50% off)

$270 (70% off)

Just $97! (almost 90% off!)

Kechi's recipes are nutritiously delicious and simple to make. By following her and watching her videos judiciously, I too can make healthy, delicious, hassle free meals. I love her snacks, and the shakes are just too damn good.

Kechi has brought a fusion of African food, and American food that will please everyone’s palate. My food goals are back on track all thanks to Kechi, the healthy Afro-fusion queen.

– Oyidiya Oyeku

Kechi has found a way to present cooking in a way that is not intimidating and achievable for everyone, including busy professionals. Through her recipes and cooking demonstrations, she shows that there is always time for a healthy, delicious meal.

Hi! I’m Kechi.

I wear many hats, like everyone else. So that’s not news.

A public health officer (Master’s degree in Public Health) by training and personal health educator. I also write, teach, speak, develop healthy recipes, and cook extraordinarily.

Three inspirational books published to date (two international bestsellers), and two yummy food blogs; and

In March 2018, I started my first food blog ( with a single goal of leaving a legacy for my children – I wanted them to see the kind of food I ate growing up, which is why I share a lot of Nigerian inspired recipes.

This goal has since changed and expanded; after, I had a health awakening around the third quarter of 2018.

I confronted some health challenges, and that further re-enforced my decision to dive deep into sharing healthier and healing recipes, aka #Hearthealthy recipes.

Happy to report that most of my recipes are kid-friendly, and fantastic for picky eaters.

Now, I am committed to working with busy women called for higher purposes; I help them stay healthy and nourished so they can accomplish their calling.

My life-long goal is to help purpose-led women like you become the champion of their wellbeing. As they say, health is the new wealth.