Cook Yourself Healthy

Nourish Your Body. Feed Your Soul.

Cook Yourself Healthy

Nourish Your Body. Feed Your Soul.

Cook Yourself Healthy

Nourish Your Body. Feed Your Soul.

Simple, easy to follow recipes.

Delicious and healthy for the whole family.

Flexible and easy to modify.

Stop stressing about what to cook.

Delicious, heart healthy recipes at your finger tips.

Nkechi Ajaeroh: Cook and Author

We go beyond creating recipes to developing healthy, mouthwatering meals that will warm up your soul and fill you with joy because life is richer when you’re eating well.

We want you to nourish your body with heart healthy, and delicious meals the whole family will love.

Join us to celebrate the richness of African flavors while tailoring them to a wholesome, healthier, and happy life.

Our heart healthy meal plans are perfect for the whole family.


Become the champion of your wellbeing

Here, we equip you to become the champion of your wellbeing.

We go beyond food, and recipes to help you understand that you are the director and driver of your OWN wellbeing. Your conscious and unconscious food decisions matters.

Our monthly heart-healthy mastery master class helps to ensure that you learn the basics of healthy eating plus habits that will transform your life for better forever.

Why Heart Healthy?

Well, between heart diseases aka cardiovascular-related diseases, high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes, poor diets have made it worse on the human population.

Heart-healthy meals become imperative, like a real absolute MUST!

Heart-healthy diets can incredibly lower the risk factors for heart-related diseases, they are tasty, and equally easy to cook, so why not?

You don’t want to leave your health to chance!

The facts don’t lie.

17.6 million people die from cardiovascular-related diseases yearly. This is expected to rise to 23.6 million deaths by 2030. 

610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year. That’s in every 4 deaths. 

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women. (This breaks my freaking heart; women are the caretakers, we do know better. But we must DO better.)

About 1 in 16 women age 20 and older (6.2%) have coronary heart disease.

These facts are saddening, but the real sadness is when we fail ourselves by not taking the necessary precaution and action or when we fail to follow through with the things that will promote our health. Eating healthier, exercising, and being more mindful about food choices are just some critical elements in managing our health need. 

The Truth…

Heart-healthy meals can lower the risk of heart-related diseases, such as stroke, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc. While on the other hand, poor diets increase the risk factors for these diseases.

The day I’ll never forget

You see, I was born in and raised in Nigeria.

We ate a lot of plant-based foods growing up; my parents had farms, like most people in a developing country.

I failed to realize how lucky I was to eat fresh, plant-based Mediterranean way until
I came to live in America.

Here I was working three jobs at a time, and grabbing drive-thru foods because I have to eat something on the way, and break at each job. I find myself eating a lot of fries because every meal at fast food has a side order of fries.

One fateful day I found myself at the emergency room with a severe tightening of the chest.

Sad enough that incident didn’t wake me up from the sleep of a downward spiral of eating bad food, and trying to adapt to the American (bad) fast-food culture.

Misplaced priority!

Eventually, working only one job means I now have enough time to cook, yet, I wasn’t prioritizing heart-healthy cooking. Cooking whatever I want means eating whatever I want, and that was what I was doing irrespective of how it affected my body.

I started eating “healthier” when I was pregnant. When the kids came, I longed to share what I ate growing up with them. Such a great plan, right?

However, with pregnancy, kids, and hustling, I decided I was going to share those recipes eventually, but when I get older. I wanted it to be a “legacy” for them. And at this time I was starting to eat “healthier” just to get “thinner” and loose some left off the baby weight.

The problem: I wasn’t intentional on healthy eating; I focused on superficial beauty.

Then it hit me in 2018 after an annual check-up that left me dumbfounded that I need to do more than “eat healthy” for the sake of looking good. It was a moment of realization for the significant changes I had to implement with regards to some real-life medical diagnosis.

I instantly knew that something has to change.

There was a split second need that I have to care more about my liver, heart, blood, and every part of me. I swing into action, and intentionally started re-inventing, and re-interpreting my childhood recipes, I also focused on making them wholesomely heart-healthy.

No need to wait until I am old to leave the legacy for my children; I can live this legacy now, and then leave it for them later.

With one of my diagnosis, I couldn’t exercise for six whole months. There was a growth underneath my pinky toe; I was limping, and it was painful.

As I stayed on heart-healthy recipes and was doing the daily vegetable blends, one faithful day, that growth was no more. I remember, getting to my foot doctor’s office, and after he took a look at my toe, he asked, “did you see anything fell off from there?”

I was stunned, relieved, and I grinned with a big smile, “no, I didn’t.” And that was the truth. I didn’t see anything fall off, but that growth was indeed no more.

These recipes took care of me from inside out.

I also remember going to my primary care doctor for a routine check, and she goes, “you lost ten pounds,” I was like, “what, I wasn’t working on losing weight?”

She said, “well, that is the best, you lose weight without trying. Keep doing what you are doing.”

The same way the other diagnosis disappeared one after the other.

Making change is not easy, and that is why I am here. I will make your transition to
intentional heart-healthy eating easier.

I have been there, and I can help you!

  • I know the pain of not been able to move and to drag your feet instead.
  • I also know the sad reality of wanting to lose the excess baby weight, and in the
    process, denying your body the necessary nutrient it needs to thrive. Bummer!
  • I have also tasted boring, and bland “healthy foods,” in other to achieve a specific
    health goal.
  • I know first hand about the pain of falling in and out of the healthy eating; it’s
    lack of results are heartbreaking.

The recipes we have inside this community are heart-healthy, quick and easy, nutritious, and delicious.

The best part is that they are easy to access, click the button below to begin for only $1.00

Kechi's recipes are nutritiously delicious and simple to make. By following her and watching her videos judiciously, I too can make healthy, delicious, hassle free meals. I love her snacks, and the shakes are just too damn good.

Kechi has brought a fusion of African food, and American food that will please everyone’s palate. My food goals are back on track all thanks to Kechi, the healthy Afro-fusion queen.

– Oyidiya Oyeku

Kechi has found a way to present cooking in a way that is not
intimidating and achievable for everyone, including busy professionals. Through her recipes and cooking demonstrations, she shows that there is always time for a healthy, delicious meal.

About Cook Yourself Healthy

Cook Yourself Healthy is home to the most authentic, classic, and exquisite African inspired deliciously delightful heart-healthy recipes. We go beyond just creating recipes. We develop healthy meals that can improve overall health. 

Join us to celebrate the richness of African inspired flavors that tailored to a wholesome, healthier, and happier life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you become the Champion of your Wellbeing. Let’s face it, its ONLY ONE YOU, and you owe it to yourself to have your back. We create recipes that help the only one you become the best you

While our recipes warm up your soul and fill you with joy, it also provides the necessary and needed nutrients that will help you thrive. Taking care of yourself is your #1 priority, and it is our mission to support you through it. Never spend another night thinking about what to cook, I got you.

Our Goal

Our goal is provide you with endless heart-healthy recipes that are delicious, nutritious, and easy to make.

Life is much more than that just eating.

And a happy life is much more than spending hours in the kitchen cooking.

Nourish your body with healthiest, heartiest, and happiest recipes combinations that are quick and easy to cook!

Your Gain

You will STOP: 


Worrying about the next healthy dinner idea.

Cooking the same old boring rice and stew that you detest.

Surviving on fast food at the detriment of your health, while building and maintaining a thriving career.

Relegating your healthy eating needs to the background and feeding on God knows

    You will START:


    Enjoying the food that will nourish your sacred body

    Eating health-promoting dinner ideas that will rock your taste buds

    Making African dishes healthier and tastier

    Saving money because you now have a meal plan that works

    Spending the least amount of time in the Kitchen

    Reach your health goals without been on a “diet.”

    Simple, easy to follow recipes.

    Delicious and healthy for the whole family.

    Flexible and easy to modify.

    Dear Overachiever,

    You are in charge of coming up with recipes and plans of what to cook for you and other human beings in your household; you find yourself staying up at night figuring out what to prepare for the next day and the day after next, and the next after next. Obviously a duty of love, but, a daunting task that is often not recognized.

    This duty keeps you awake in the middle of the night and restless in the middle of the day. You often find yourself screaming to the ceiling; what am I going to eat? And even worse, what are they going to eat when they come back from school? What are we having for dinner? You have no clue until you pick them up, then you quickly put the car in reverse to the drive-thru you go.

    Listen, amongst every awesome thing that you are creating; you must allow recipe ninja like me, handle this duty of love (for you)

    First of all: You are not alone.

    Second of all: I recognize this critical duty, and if you are indeed handed down with this responsibility, I got you, and I will help you.

    Here at Cook Yourself Healthy, we will make your job lighter and seamless.

    We create healthy, hearty, and happy recipes that are easy to cook and delightfully delicious. Sure to put smile on your face, and excellent nourishment to your body. Both you and your brood you will love this experience.

    Here’s the hard TRUTH:

    The busy-ness of life is real and will always be there. The need for healthy food will always be there as well. My goal is to help you experience the good food that will nourish you even as your career flourishes. You will no more sacrifice your health for a career; cheers to having both.

    Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from not worrying about what to eat next because we got you and you got this!

    What’s Inside

    • Healthy Afro-fusion recipes
    • Five new recipes weekly
    • Weekly email check-in
    • Delightful meatless recipes
    • Cooking demonstration videos
    • Seasonal Super soup recipes
    • Private and Personalized recipes
    • Free grocery list downloads
    • Kechi’s Kitchen Guide
    • Health improving smoothie recipes
    • Community support
    • Plus more!

    Simple, easy to follow recipes.

    Delicious and healthy for the whole family.

    Flexible and easy to modify.

    Join now for heart healthy, delicious recipes. New recipes delivered every month.